Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Currently

October is one of my favorite months of the year! The temps drop, fall clothes come out, pumpkin everything is in store, and lots and lots of spooky movies are on TV.

This month's Currently.

Listening....I looooove Criminal Minds (and the new show, Stalker! So good). If you love creepy movies/TV/books, you should check them both out.

Loving...I love that I can wear my new fall boots, sweaters, and scarves finally.

Thinking...Homecoming week is always completely exhausting and the kids are crazy. We are over halfway through! Just gotta keep it together for two more school days.

Wanting...I used to try and get a massage every 4 months. I haven't had one in a year and a half. It is such a stress reliever for me.

Needing...My parents are visiting this weekend, and the house is kind of a mess :/ Cleaning has been neglected in lieu of grading, lesson planning, and doing yard work.

Trick....OK, not a scary trick. A life hack kind of trick that probably everyone else figured out before me ha. Do you have a thousand different cords for all your devices, plugged in right next to each other? I could never keep them straight. So we got a $20 label maker from Target and made labels for each of our cords (Mrs. L cell phone, husband cell phone, Mrs. L Kindle, etc) and wrapped them around the cord. Now we never have to try three different cords to find the right one! And I have been able to use my label maker in all sorts of ways in my classroom, too!