Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bulletin board idea

I am on Spring Break right now, and it has been wonderful! The weather hasn't necessarily been cooperating, with first chilly, gloomy weather and now severe storms! But it has been nice to have some time off, especially since my husband took a week vacation from his job too. We took a small getaway to a nearby town Mon-Wed where we did some hiking, wine tasting, and lots of shopping. Now we are back home and have big plans to paint our patio this weekend if the dry weather predictions are true.

Have you all had spring break yet? Any fun trips or events?

While I'm on break and avoiding grading the essays I brought home (shhh!) I am working on a new bulletin board idea for the small board at the front of my classroom. It is so hard to figure out what to put on high school bulletin boards. There are lots of cute ideas for elementary students, but I want something a little more grown-up for my seniors in high school that is still visually pleasing and possibly useful.

I decided that since I teach 80% seniors, I would do a "life after HS" bulletin board. I ordered some black graduation cap cutouts from Etsy and picked up a silver permanent marker. I emailed our guidance counselors and had them send me a list of all the colleges/military branches our students had committed to for next year. I think I have about 30 total.

I'm going to borrow from the popular Dr. Seuss book and title my board "All the places you'll go....class of 2015 plans" then write the names of the schools/military  in silver marker on all my graduation cap cutouts.

I thought it'd be fun for the students to be able to see where their peers are headed and it also is a way of patting them on the back and saying "Way to go! Look at all the cool places you guys are headed next year!"

I will try and take a pic once I have it all finished.