Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today's Technology Tidbit: Coolworks.com

Currently in my workplace writing course, we're doing our job unit of resumes, cover letters, and interviews. I bring in some higher-ups in the community to give tips and tricks for all of these, plus conduct mock interviews for each of my students with a community member. 

To do this, I have my students find a job posting online that they will use for all of this job correspondence. I want them tailoring resumes and cover letters to a specific position, since that's what they will be doing in real life. The stipulation is, they have to have all the required qualifications (I let them pretend they have gotten their HS diploma), so they can't look for jobs like RN, teacher, engineer, etc. I don't want them making up fake experience.

We talk about looking for entry-level jobs to get their foot in the door. So for those who want to go into medicine or nursing, I have them look at phlebotomy jobs or office work at a local hospital that only require a HS diploma to sort of get their foot in the door at a place they may eventually want to work as a nurse.

But then I have students where this doesn't necessarily apply or they have no idea what career they want yet. I also have some that just want to do something fun (and a few of my students are seriously considering this).

I discovered an awesome website called Cool Works. 

 Students (or anyone, really) can apply for short-term "adventure" type jobs all over the country.

For instance, you could be a tour guide in the Grand Canyon. Or a camp counselor in a national park. Or drive a truck in Alaska.

It's perfect for students looking to do something different in the summer, while still making money. It gets them out meeting new people and seeing other parts of the world. And it would look awesome on a college application or resume. There are a plethora of different job fields they can search in, or they can search by state/location.

I did notice some jobs required people 18+ years of age, so you may have to double check age requirements for younger students (and they will likely have to be at least 16 for everything). I thought it was a great option for my seniors, not just for this project, but in real life as well.

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