Monday, December 1, 2014

December Currently

Wow! How is it already December? I think Thanksgiving helped November fly right by. Hopefully these next three weeks do the same :)

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Listening...Last month, I was listening to Songza too! But this time, it's the Christmas tunes I'm crankin'.

Loving...We put up all our outside and inside lights over the weekend. It looks so purty :)

Thinking...My husband is hard to buy for. Or should I say surprise. He ordered a few things himself that I am giving him as presents lol, but I also want to surprise him with at least one gift he isn't expecting.

Wanting....We have pretty much planned out our vacation for next summer, minus actually booking our lodging. We're headed up to Mackinac Island and the Traverse City area of MI, and I could not be more excited. I want it to be here nooooooow.

Needing...Our Christmas cards came in, and I have a bunch I need to address.

Giving....If you know me, you know animals are near and dear to my heart, so we always drop off a bunch of supplies around the holidays to the animal shelter where we got our dog. I hope I can make their stay at the shelter a little more comfy until they find their forever home.


  1. I am so jealous that you have all your lights up. We need to do our outside lights still. Also, jealous that you have your Christmas cards ready. We have not done ours.... and we may not this year. It is just my husband, our puppy, and I. Do people really want to see a picture of that?!

    1. Ha it's just me, my husband, and my dog too. And I have been known to only include a photo of the dog lol. I consider her my child.

  2. I have heard that Mackinak Island is beautiful! I want to visit someday, too!

  3. If I could be on Summer vacation right now I would be too!!! Anything to not have to grade essays right now :/
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