Sunday, March 15, 2015

An update!

Oh my gosh! It's been too long since I last blogged. It was still 2014! Yikes.

I was going to participate in the monthly "currently" for Feb. and then March, but I got a new computer a while back--I made the transition from PC to Mac--and I haven't figured out how to do those without MS Paint. Wah. I will take the time soon. Who am I kidding? I will take the time once I am on summer vacation.

But I am alive and well, though I am buried under grading from now until at least mid-April. I just got 70 resumes graded for my Tech Writing kids. Tomorrow, I have 30 lit. analysis papers on Fahrenheit 451 coming in. A week from Monday I have 70 cover letters coming in. Then that Wed., I have 20 explanatory essays coming in from College English.

It gives me hives just thinking of all this grading. But at least we have experienced some 70 degree weather recently and Spring Break is just a couple weeks away.

I feel like I have too much to catch up on on here, so I think I'll just bullet point some highlights of the last three months of my life:

  • I was sick for pretty much all of Feb. with first a horrible upper respiratory virus/cough/cold thing. Then it turned into a sinus infection and I had to go on meds. I am finally feeling better....hopefully for good.
  • I have to proctor PARCC testing this week and am a tad nervous about it. Between that and ACT testing, I feel like we've been talking testing for forever recently.
  • I have started binge-watching both The Good Wife and Friday Night Lights and love both of them. I am late to the train on both shows but they are so, so good.
  • School-wise, we are beginning a verbal communication unit in English III soon. My Tech Writing students are right in the midst of their employment writing unit. And College English is in the throes of their first big research essay.
  • The snow has finally all melted!!
  • We booked two trips in the last couple months. One is to a quaint town called Galena, IL where we are staying at a mansion-turned-B&B over spring break. The other trip is to Northern MI this summer: two days on Mackinac Island and three days on the Leelanau Peninsula-WINE country. We are actually staying AT a vineyard and I am so thrilled.
I hope to get to posting more. I have been trying to keep up with all your blogs, though I haven't commented as much as I would like. I should sign off now since dinner is almost ready. Yup, we're eating at 8:30 tonight. It's been a busy day.

I hate posting without a pic, so here is a pic from our hike today:


  1. I LOVE Galena! There's a great vineyard out there that has some of my FAVORITE wines! I wouldn't waste time on the tour, but bring some snacks and have a little picnic there! Oh... and they sell wine-o-ritas. Get one. Trust me!

  2. For the Currentlies...I just save the pic on my MAC desktop, then I drag it into Word, and use text boxes to write in my comments :) Hope that helps!
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