Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Peek at my Week {Nov. 18-22}

I am linking up with Mrs. Laffin for a Peek at my Week.

I am typing this from the basement because there is a tornado on the ground in a nearby city. Scary stuff! Is this spring or late fall?

One more full week before a break for Thanksgiving. I cannot WAIT! And the kids can't either. So here's what's coming up this week.

1. My juniors are turning in their final research essays tomorrow (these are the ones that were on topics related to the 1920s). So this means I will spend my entire week grading....and grading....and grading. I want to get them all done and returned (all 70 of them) before we leave for Thanksgiving.

2. That means we are on to my favorite unit in English III-GATSBY! 

We will start with an introductory Power Point tomorrow and then jump right in to reading and discussing. I'll be sharing some of the cool things we're doing with Gatsby as we go.

3. My seniors are also finishing up their final presentations for The Lovely Bones. They are working in groups on Prezis, researching related topics to the novel (like crime scene investigation, cultural views of the afterlife, etc) and applying them to the book. They will present these Thursday and Friday.

So what's on tap for your week?


  1. Oh my....we had tornado warnings here (southeastern WI) today too! The weather today has been ridiculous!!

    Good luck grading all those research essays. Keep in more week until a break!

    Have a great week and thanks for linking up!
    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

    1. Yes, unfortunately the town over was almost completely destroyed by a tornado, and many of our friends lost homes :( It has been a very sad day. I can't believe it.

  2. Oh man, those are two of my favorite books. Gatsby is one of the few assigned books that I truly enjoyed, and I could only wish that I would have been assigned The Lovely Bones. I may just have to reread it now!

  3. What great books your students get to read! I realize that The Great Gatsby's been around for a while :) but with the recent movie, it feels like there's renewed interest in the story again. And I feel your pain about reading papers - I have 77 students, and projects and papers take a while to get graded! Good luck!

  4. I think that English teachers are absolute SAINTS for all the grading they do! As a FACS teacher I have a ton of prep to do (including things like grocery shopping) for my classes, but at least there's a lot of variety and moving around involved. My best friend is a high school English teacher and if I had to do the grading she does I think my eyeballs would fall out. That would be rather unpleasant.

    All this to say, I think you're a super hero for grading those research essays!