Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently December

December is my second favorite month of the year, after October. The first semester is winding down, and everything is so magical and exciting leading up to the holidays.

So I am linking up with Farley for Currently December.

Listening: I am not personally a football fan. OK I hate it. But I decided to do some Interwebbing and read a book while my husband listens to the game. At least in an hour, I get to go see Catching Fire!

Loving: Today is sunny and 50ยบ which is not normal Midwest December weather. It was so nice that we took Roxie for a long walk on the bike trail.

Thinking: I have a busy week coming up. Lots going on in my classes, a couple meetings, an SIP day and then a conference on Thursday about motivating students. I am excited to see what I come back with.

Wanting: I was saddened to realize last week that I lost my favorite sunglasses that I bought from the Coach Outlet store 5 years ago. And of course this was after Christmas lists had been distributed and purchased. I think I will get a cheaper stand-in pair for now.

Needing: I have to re-read (for the 4th time) the first four chapters of Gentlemen today, as well as chapters 4 and 5 of Gatsby for classes tomorrow.

Favorite tradition: I had many traditions with family growing up that I loved, even though I no longer do them now that I have my own little family. So I decided to list one of the traditions I have carried on into my adult life: On Christmas Eve evening, my husband I exchange one gift (and this year, Rox will get to open one up early too). It will probably go like this: "Hey, husband, I'd like to open up that new paisley scarf I know you got for me so I can wear it tomorrow. K Thanx."


  1. I just saw Catching Fire this weekend! I loved it! Hope you enjoy it too!

  2. Catching Fire was good! You'll love it :)

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  3. I am excited for you to see Catching Fire! Let us know how it is!

  4. Hasn't the weather been amazing this weekend?! I'm glad too because I was needing a break from that cold, cold air we were getting way too early in the season!

  5. I splurged on a new pair of sunglasses during Columbus Day weekend..doesn't everyone buy themselves a little gift to celebrate the New World being found???
    Happy Holidays!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  6. I bought my first pair of grown-up (not cheap) sunglasses this year and I protect them like a newborn baby! I totally get the frustration you have right now :)

    - Teaching and Tapas: 2nd Grade in Spain

  7. Haha! Love how your husband gets to "choose" which gift to give you New Year's Eve!

    I feel your sunglass pain. Every time I purchase sunglasses I have to admit to myself that they will probably wind up lost, broken, or the victim of some other tragedy. I usually keep three around (one to keep in my car, one to keep in my hubby's car, and an extra), and they are all under $15. What can you do?