Wednesday, January 1, 2014

January Currently

Happy 2014, everyone! We rang in the new year on the couch with some board games, cuddled up with our dog. Just the kind of low-key night I love.

I'm linking up with Farley for the January currently! dog is a great guard dog, but barks at everything! She has been my alarm clock over break.

Loving....I got a new Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas from my in-laws! I did have a Nook Tablet for awhile. I didn't like how it felt like I was staring at a computer screen, and the glare was so bad, that I could not read it on the beach on vacation last summer. So the Paperwhite it is, and I am loving how lightweight it is! I also got a blanket from Barnes & Noble that has book quotes on it and it is super soft.

Thinking....2013 was not a great year, and I am hoping 2014 brings us much more happiness and good times.

Wanting....They are forecasting 3-5" of snow for today. Frankly, I am over snow and winter weather once it's past Christmas. I am now ready for spring. K thanks.

Needing....Today the decorations start coming down. It is always a kind of sad day, but I am also looking forward to getting my house back and nice and clean.

Tradition....The last two years it's just been my husband and me for Christmas Eve/Day. On Christmas Eve night, we pack in the car (with the dog), bring coffee, listen to Christmas tunes and drive around the neighborhoods looking at all the Christmas lights. It is a favorite memory of mine.


  1. Love your tradition. We do something similar but with hot chocolate. I can't wait for spring.

  2. Love the tradition! We used to do that when I was growing up, and I'd forgotten about it! Thanks for sharing!!

    Hello Mrs Sykes

  3. I took down my Xmas stuff the day after Christmas because it was kind of the only time I would have and my tree was looking pretty dead :/ Jealous of your new book blanket!

    Tales of Teaching in Heels

  4. I love love LOVE my paperwhite! My husband gave me one for Christmas last year and oh the happy hours I have spent with it!

    I bit the bullet and packed away all of the Christmas decorations today... if I wait until this weekend, I'll be too busy with school prep; if I wait until school starts, it won't happen until Easter!

    I am envious of that book blanket - I have seen it at B&N!

    Have a terrific 2014!

  5. How much snow did you guys get? It's still snowing here, and I think we're around 5-6 inches so far. I think most of the snow stayed North of us, which is okay by me. There's plenty out there to shovel as is! I hope you enjoy the rest of your break. And Happy New Year!

    1. They are forecasting 3-5 but I bet we only have 2 so far. I am over it!

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  7. Hey! I am known as Mrs. L too! Nice to see another Secondary English teacher! Following you now and can't wait to read what you have! I will be going back through for some stories, advice, and good ideas.

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