Sunday, August 17, 2014

A Peek At My Week {First Week Back}

Linking up with A Peek at my Week for my first week back to school.

Alas, the kiddos come back tomorrow, and another school year begins. I think I am all ready to go, at least for the first few days.

I spent part of my Saturday night making these little signs for my window ledge. This is about as crafty as I get.

Since students can still switch classes through Wednesday, no one really jumps into content until after that. So the first couple days I spend going over procedures/the syllabus, and I have students fill in a chart as I go over rules/procedures so they can use it to study for my rules quiz. We also came up with a department plagiarism policy this year, since it has become a large issue, so I am introducing that, having students sign, and then doing a mini unit on plagiarism with some games I found.

The second half of the week, I will get into more specific content with my different classes. This semester I teach English III (American Lit), Senior Lit, and College English 101. I have taught all classes before, but we did totally revamp our ENG III curriculum, so it's pretty much like teaching a new class.

English III starts out with defining the American Dream and discussing students' definitions of what it is. In Senior Lit, we are jumping right into our first novel, Nineteen Minutes. LOVE this one and the students end up loving it, too. I re-read it every year and have read the whole book at least 8 times, but I love it more each time I read it. In College English, they are writing literacy stories and blogging this week.

So we're back to 5:30 AM wake-up calls,, 50 minute commutes, grading, planning, and not having a lot of free time for the next 9 months. Not sure if I'm ready, but ready or not, it starts tomorrow.

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  1. Hopped over from the "Peek at my Week" linky ~ I teach English at the middle school level so I am happy to have found you! :)