Sunday, August 10, 2014

Classroom Pics

My husband and I (yes, I drag him along for this too!) spent FIVE HOURS working in my classroom today. And the A/C wasn't going because it was summer and the weekend so it was literally 80ยบ in my room. And there were boxes everywhere and everything was in the wrong spot. PLUS I wanted to totally redo my bulletin boards and a bunch of other things this year. So we had our work cut off for us.

I took a few photos that probably turned out dimly lit and blurry, so I apologize, but it's all I have right now.

This is one half of my big bulletin board. All those "memes" I bought from Mrs. Orman's TpT store and they are awesome! Go get you some. I also have a few other ones sprinkled throughout my room. I hope my kids will get a kick out of them.

This is the second half of the bulletin board. I am trying something new this year. I'm going to put any handouts for absent students in the folder that corresponds with their hour. It is their responsibility to check the folder when they return AND still speak to me for explanations/things they missed that were not in handout form. But this makes my life a little easier because if students are out for awhile, I will sometimes forget which handouts they didn't get, I might already have recycled my extras, etc.

This is the whole bulletin board zoomed out.

On the laminated looseleaf are the directions for my daily bell work. I think I might wrote a separate post on how I want to incorporate bell work this year. I also have my Office Space reminder that turning homework in on time would be great, again compliments of Mrs. Orman.

This is the homework turn in area. This is the first year I have separated it by hour and I think it'll be a lot easier. The back right tray label says "Make up and late work," as I've decided to separate that out from on-time work. And of course we have Beyonce reminding you, "If ya wanted a grade, ya shoulda put your name on it."

 This will be my homework area. I found the paisley purple washi tape at Target and the arrow masking tape (around the date) at Office Max. Those little circles that you can see if you click on the pic to make it bigger are zebra magnets with the days of the week on them, next to which I will write what's due that day for my three classes, plus there is an area for important dates/events. This area is behind my desk.

I used the washi tape to "frame" all my bell schedules and grading scales on my closet this year. The sign below the clock is also from Mrs. Orman and says "What if I told you that lining up at the door doesn't make the bell ring faster." LOL I laugh to myself each time I see it.

So that's all I have. My room isn't as cute as all the elementary classrooms I see but it is cuter this year than in the past. I still have some posters to hang in the back of the room and all the textbooks to be handed out to students are lining my window ledge, so no pics of that side yet.

And now that my room is prettified, I guess I actually need to work on syllabi and lesson planning and the sort, huh?

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